A Wedding

thumb_IMG_3438_1024Weddings are always a beautiful, special, fun occasion. They are also a great time for some fabulous fashions! Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I enjoyed wearing it!

Congratulations Dylan and Anneli! xoxo

I wear- Rubi sunnies

Atmos and Here top

Colette Clutch

Kookai skirt

Novo shoes




Modern, Masculine, Defiant



17579415998_3876e56ceb_o17767190515_ca1a70356f_o19686947238_ffecebf7ca_oOh Jen, you’ve done it again! I absolutely love every single one of Jennifer Lawrence’s campaigns for Dior. From the first moment I opened that Vogue magazine to find her face on the glossy magazine page a few years ago,  I was immediately  captivated by her unique ‘new look’.  Her feminine beauty combined with her masculine, striking, individual look has truly taken Dior to a new modern level in this ever evolving, run by technology, media and men. She encompasses everything creative director Raf Simons stands for at Dior; power and strength juxtaposed with sensuality and beauty. This is the new Dior, the new face, the new model. Since Jennifer we have see the rise of this new modern, masculine look. The new ‘it’ girl is no longer just a sex symbol or a pretty face, she is powerful, fresh, different. Sexy through success. Take American born model Binx Walton, I distinctly remember Balmain Paris creative director Oliver Rousteing talking of Binx in an interview upon being asked who was his favourite model at that present time. He replied in his luxurious French accent ‘ Binx Walton, she has the capacity to be feminine, masculine and edgy all at once!’ Jennifer’s success in hollywood also makes her the ultimate role model for women everywhere; strong, independent, successful, influential and beautiful in her own way. She has the world at her fingertips.

These photos are from her most recent campaigns for Dior taken earlier this year. They use a beautiful contrast of colours between the accessories and clothing once again bringing in Raf’s concept of a softness mixed with feminine strength. I think it totally works! Don’t you agree?

I have always been a little scared of the way Simons has brought his own ‘new look’ to Dior trying to pull the brand into the 21st century with a accent of modern eccentricity experimenting with new styles and prints but with campaigns like this I see a vision of a creative genius. Whilst using the design concept of founder Christian Dior he is able to twist this and mould it into his own unique vision. I finally have learnt to trust him with this brand I love so dearly.The campaign represents this evolving idea of the modern, dangerous women who are taking over the world. Modern. Powerful. Independent. Defiant. Gender roles are changing and fashion knows it. I love the photos and everything about Jennifer Lawrence!

Photos from – Flickr BeautyLeg2015 

Into the Woods

into the woods

 With Winter upon us it is even more of an excuse to stay rugged up indoors underneath our cosy, warm blankets, yet with the crisp, cold air and the warm sunshine outside my window I just had to get out of the house and into nature . The Aussie bush and another perfect Sydney day set the scene to get some beautiful shots of these two beautiful people; Mikaela and Reina.

Models – Mikaela Smith, Reina Kobayasahi

Hair / Makeup / Styling / Photography – Me

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

City Lights


I have never seen Sydney so busy! It was so nice to see everyone out and about with their family and friends enjoying the beautiful lights from the Vivid festival. I had such a fantastic night with my two favourite Jemima’s who never fail to make me laugh. Somehow the catch up turned into an impromptu photo-shoot so I hope you all enjoy the photos!

I wear a Zara jumper, Kookai top, Forever New pants, SoHo Boots, Miss Shop bag

IMG_1734 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_8064 IMG_8070 IMG_8089 IMG_8173 IMG_8197 IMG_8227

Country Classic


These are the ultimate simple and casual looks that continue to be beautiful and stylish. The classic colours – red, white, blue and classic prints – polka dots, stripes and checks never seem to go out of fashion. I believe almost anyone can rock the classic polka dot dress or a pair of cute striped shorts no matter what body type.

This trend can be transformed into anything! From sophisticated to casual, from catwalk to the high street. Everyone seems to want a piece of the classic look that is almost always in the stores.

Models – Emma Burns and myself



Look 1Subtitled overalls, Bershka top




 Look 2Sportsgirl hat and dress , Birkenstock shoes




Look 3Princess Polly playsuit




Look 4 – top made by me, Sportsgirl shorts, Helen Kaminski hat

 Get the Look!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.34.35 pm

1. Henleys

2.  Zimmerman

3. Cotton On

4. Nobody

5. Cotton On

6.  Zimmerman

7. Bardot

8. All About Eve  


_MG_4538Absolute paradise. It is paradise up in northern NSW. The beautiful coast and its crystal clear waters setting the perfect day to take some gorgeous beach shots. I was constantly surrounded by natures beauty that took me by surprise at every turn. The seashore offered everything from star fish in the rock pools to the breathtaking rock faces above the sand.

Now is  the perfect time to bring out the summer bikinis that haven’t been worn for a year or even buying a new one! The bikini that I am wearing in the photos is a new addition to my wardrobe and I absolutely adore it! The smart, monochrome feel of the outfit perfectly contrasts with the casual, beach theme. Sometimes its the simple outfits that can make you feel amazing and look the best.

I wear a Glassons bikini, Primark trousers

IMG_4503_MG_4562 IMG_4488IMG_4884IMG_4700IMG_4644IMG_4742 _MG_4866

Lets go KENZO


This striking and beautiful look was inspired by Kenzo’s catwalk makeup at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week. The coloured winged eyeliner creates a stand out yet sophisticated look that would work perfectly with some block coloured clothing. Now I think about it, the look kind of reminds me of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s makeup all mixed together while keeping on trend.

Photography and Makeup – By me

Model – Maya Valentin

IMG_4181 IMG_4211

Foundation – MAC Cosmetics 

Lipstick – Revlon

Mascara – MAC Cosmetics 

Eyeliner – Catwalk 

Eyeshadow – MAC Rose Gold