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Its a Seafolly Summer


 Colour Crush

Tropical, bright shades are always the go for perfect Summer style.

Isola Swimmers

Lovisa Jewellery



Bronzed Beauty

This colour combination of bright and black is definitely a great way to have a mix of two diverse styles.

Rubi Sunnies

Kookai Top



Blue Lagoon

These eye shades are my absolute summer essentials, especially for my colour eyes which are hazel/green. So if any of you have the same you should have a palette with these colours because they complement and really make green eyes pop.

Maybelline eyeliner (my favourite)

My own rings

MAC velvet teddy lipstick

Victorias Secret Body Shimmer

Lovisa Bangles


Wild One


Its time to bring out your inner wild side and try out some of these enchanting, strong, stand out looks! Why not give them a go! Hope you have as much fun looking at the photos as I did shooting them with my fabulous friend Carolina. Enjoy!

Love Empire Eve xoxo

Model – Carolina Clemmet

Photography / Make up / Hair – By me


thumb_IMG_2240_1024 thumb_IMG_2243_1024







thumb_IMG_2254_1024 thumb_IMG_2293_1024 thumb_IMG_2219_1024 thumb_IMG_2887_1024 thumb_IMG_2700_1024

thumb_IMG_2577_1024 thumb_IMG_2601_1024 thumb_IMG_2556_1024thumb_IMG_2710_1024


Bali Bliss


Ok so Bali was amazing. The trip = humidity, colours, lovely people, tourists, swimming, flowers, yummy food, beaches, seafood, snorkelling, rainbow fish, shopping, bike rides, new flavours, monkeys, squirrels, birds, fish, hinduism, yoga, massage, fish spas, tanned skin, crazy roads and an overall incredible experience!

A photo can say a thousand words so I think I will leave it up to them to explain the rest of the trip, enjoy!

Love Empire Eve xoxo


thumb__MG_1627_1024 thumb__MG_1495_1024

thumb_IMG_1969_1024 thumb_IMG_1006_1024 thumb_IMG_1103_1024



thumb_IMG_1034_1024 thumb_IMG_1057_1024 thumb_IMG_1173_1024 thumb_IMG_1229_1024 thumb_IMG_1215_1024 thumb_IMG_1198_1024 thumb_IMG_1166_1024 thumb_IMG_1324_1024 thumb_IMG_1395_1024 thumb_IMG_1343_1024 thumb_IMG_1283_1024 thumb_IMG_1695_1024 thumb_IMG_1787_1024

thumb_IMG_1823_1024 thumb_IMG_2001_1024

Favourite swimsuit from Blue Glue swimwear
thumb_IMG_2033_1024 thumb_IMG_1475_1024 thumb_IMG_1409_1024 thumb_IMG_0992_1024

All Eyes on you


This look I created on Jemima is very much a look that can be worn in the day or at night. I used darker purples on the outside of the eye and blended it into more of a light gold on the inside of the eye. The cooler brown eye suits darker purple tones as I have used, blues and browns, these complement and intensify this particular eye colour. For the eye liner I used quite a thin line with a slight flick and brought it round under the eye. Be careful with liner and you have to know what works for your eye shape.  In order to keep the eye open and not darken it too much I stopped the line halfway underneath the eye but I could have made it shorter.




IMG_0893Vicky’s cool blue eyes look beautiful with this colour combination of peachy pinks, greys in the outer corner and light golds. Cool blue eyes generally suit orange/bronzy shades, silvers and light to dark blues. I used a similar eye liner to Jemima’s however Vicky’s was slightly thicker, the liner really allowed her eyes to pop and stand out. I always always always use a white pencil on the inner corners of the eye, this creates the illusion of bigger eyes, its a fab technique to use.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to try some new looks out!

Love Empire Eve xoxo



Into the Woods

into the woods

 With Winter upon us it is even more of an excuse to stay rugged up indoors underneath our cosy, warm blankets, yet with the crisp, cold air and the warm sunshine outside my window I just had to get out of the house and into nature . The Aussie bush and another perfect Sydney day set the scene to get some beautiful shots of these two beautiful people; Mikaela and Reina.

Models – Mikaela Smith, Reina Kobayasahi

Hair / Makeup / Styling / Photography – Me

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

into the woods

Country Classic


These are the ultimate simple and casual looks that continue to be beautiful and stylish. The classic colours – red, white, blue and classic prints – polka dots, stripes and checks never seem to go out of fashion. I believe almost anyone can rock the classic polka dot dress or a pair of cute striped shorts no matter what body type.

This trend can be transformed into anything! From sophisticated to casual, from catwalk to the high street. Everyone seems to want a piece of the classic look that is almost always in the stores.

Models – Emma Burns and myself



Look 1Subtitled overalls, Bershka top




 Look 2Sportsgirl hat and dress , Birkenstock shoes




Look 3Princess Polly playsuit




Look 4 – top made by me, Sportsgirl shorts, Helen Kaminski hat

 Get the Look!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.34.35 pm

1. Henleys

2.  Zimmerman

3. Cotton On

4. Nobody

5. Cotton On

6.  Zimmerman

7. Bardot

8. All About Eve  

Vintage New

Vintage New

IMG_1257For this shoot I really wanted to create four looks that incorporated the vintage/retro style while still keeping it on trend. I mixed certain pieces with items that can be found in your wardrobe or in the shops at the moment. The one thing that made this shoot work was the beautiful setting of Sydney’s harbour along with the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I could shoot at this location again and again and NEVER get bored. It just was the perfect  location to launch EMPIRE EVE. It truly reflected my own style and my love of Sydney as a city. Everything just came together perfectly on the day and overall the look was what I wanted from the beginning so……. hope you all enjoy the photos!

Model – Taylor Ruber

Photographer / Stylist / Makeup / Hair  – Samantha Johnson


IMG_1274Look 1 – Taylor wears Glassons top, retro skirt, novo heels IMG_1312Vintage New Look 2 – Taylor wears Josie. dress, vintage jacket, novo shoes 
vintage new

vintage new IMG_1354Look 3 – Taylor wears vintage crepe dress, White Suede leather jacket

vintage new

vintage new

vintage new

Look 4 – Taylor wears skirt altered by me, Temt t-shirt, Target clutch, Freelance heels