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Sun Kiss Me


With Summer right around the corner we’re heading closer and closer to festival season! In turn meaning celebration – glitter – fun – music and some pretty outrageous and fabulous fashion. The festival trend is everywhere at the moment and I think we should make the most of the time where it is socially acceptable to wear glitter – no questions asked.

This shoot with the gorgeous Lou brings together a truly simple summer boho festival feel that is super wearable, casual and fun. I can clearly see how now calling Byron Bay my home has influenced my own style and my ‘likes’ as a stylist being back in Sydney; luckily Lou’s personal style is quite ‘Byron boho’ making her perfect to collab with.

So excited for Summer to come and see everyone having fun with fashion and most importantly taking risks! Show off who you are and what you love!

Love Empire Eve xx

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That Postcard Summer


This year, I was lucky enough to escape the Australian Winter and venture off to Europe for six weeks. This trip was all about exploring – learning – freedom – eating – drinking & spending time with the people I love. These are a few of my favourite happy snaps from the trip which I hope to share and spread that European love.








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Calvin Klein – F/W 2016


Calvin Klein F/W 2016 campaign photographed by Tyrone Lebon.

I am……. in #mycalvins

Simple slogan = pure advertising genius.

Revamping the traditional Calvin Klein image, the brand has managed to bring itself out of the old and into the new age. A world of technology, social media and celebrity obsession.

The campaign invites us to become:




Over you

This emotional connection seems to grab the attention of everyone leaving Calvin Klein with an impressive increase in revenue = success! Hence a golden campaign capturing the essence of a brand not providing one with a product but rather a feeling.

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Louis Vuitton – Léa Seydoux

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The French actress Léa Seydoux stars in Louis Vuitton’s SS16 travel campaign shot by photographer Patrick Demarcatelier. Seydoux models the labels pre – Autumn Winter 16 collection to the backdrop of the modernist ranch Cuadra San Cristóbal designed by Mexican architect Luis Barragan.  Between the vibrantly coloured walls the IT girl of the moment,  Seydoux,  brings life to this sleek versatile collection.

The striking, unusual essence of this campaign furthers the collections wonder, fantasy and futuristic feel. Seydoux brings a certain glamour, natural elegance and classicism to a collection that is  fresh and modern. The contrasting elements within the campaign all seem to fit together creating effortless style. This why I am so excited about this campaign and to see what else Louis Vuitton has in store for the future!

Love Empire Eve xx

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton



Well, thats one thing ticked off my bucket list – a sunrise photoshoot. It was an absolutely breathtaking morning when my friend Lou and I decided to head out to Curl Curl beach bright and early on a Saturday.

For this shoot, I really wanted to capture who Lou was, bring out her individuality, her style, her loves, her personality – the beach was the perfect setting for this. In our ever-changing world of trends, technology, celebrities etc we often loose sight of whats real to us. We forget the beauty in our individuality, in our own style.

I hope you enjoy the photos and start thinking about what your style is. Special thanks to Lou for modelling and to Ally who assisted with the shoot.

Love Empire Eve xx

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Balmain Fall 16

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Balmain was an absolute showstopper at Paris Fashion Week. With a host of big names, Rousteing pulled out all the stops for the fall collection even turning brunettes to blonde and blondes to brunettes!

Oliver Rousteing within this collection embodied all the elements I adore within the fashion world and maybe thats why I loved the collection so so much! –  femininity, frivolity, richness of  paris, strong, modern classic looks combined with a pastel prettiness.

The exquisite detailing, fur, ruffles and strong design lines made for a wondrous collection that  captivated and intrigued audiences further into this powerhouse brand.

Love Empire Eve xoxo

Photography edited by me

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Power Play


I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by power dressing, I mean it’s amazing what a good pair of tailored pants or a fitted suit jacket can do to enhance or change a certain style or look. Power dressing is in reality dressing more like men but how do you stay true to your own style? Stay true to being a women? The answer – make it your own! Mix and match different styles and trends with the power dressing essentials including tailored pants, suit jacket, business shirt etc.

However, think of women like Anna Wintour! She is an absolute goddess  within the  power dressing world because she makes it her own! Many of you I am sure are familiar with her  signature look – a pretty, feminine floral dress with the slick bob and of course those infamous black sunnies! Does she need to dress like a man to feel and be successful? I think not! Its really all about what you put on to make you feel powerful as well as feeling comfortable within your own skin – for me this is my true powerhouse outfit.

I decided I wanted to twist power dressing into something strong, feminine,  sophisticated and classic while adding a regal, military touch.

Love Empire Eve xoxo

Bec and Bridge Top

Colette Clutch

Lovisa Jewellery

Rubi Sunnies

Vintage Trousers


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Photography by Maya Valentin