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Empire Eve

Country Classic


These are the ultimate simple and casual looks that continue to be beautiful and stylish. The classic colours – red, white, blue and classic prints – polka dots, stripes and checks never seem to go out of fashion. I believe almost anyone can rock the classic polka dot dress or a pair of cute striped shorts no matter what body type.

This trend can be transformed into anything! From sophisticated to casual, from catwalk to the high street. Everyone seems to want a piece of the classic look that is almost always in the stores.

Models – Emma Burns and myself



Look 1Subtitled overalls, Bershka top




 Look 2Sportsgirl hat and dress , Birkenstock shoes




Look 3Princess Polly playsuit




Look 4 – top made by me, Sportsgirl shorts, Helen Kaminski hat

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Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.34.35 pm

1. Henleys

2.  Zimmerman

3. Cotton On

4. Nobody

5. Cotton On

6.  Zimmerman

7. Bardot

8. All About Eve  

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