Blank Space

_MG_3088Lets go back to basics. Now I know a bright top never killed anybody but some days I find it easier to fling on a plain white T with a gorgeous pair of jeans. I never have to worry about anything matching or the style portrayed because I know the look will always work! This outfit holds a casual, yet beautiful look that can work on anyone. Although it is a common style it is classic, simple and accessible which is why it is universally appealing. I mean almost every girl would have a pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt in their wardrobe. Coming into the Aussie summer it is a perfect, essential look that, while being casual maintains a high level of fashion and style.

 I chose to go for a more natural, summer beach style as shown through my accessories, makeup and hair. By adding the aviator sunnies, watch, rings and my favourite Wittner sandals I was able to match my unique style. However there are so many different ways you can accessorise this outfit to make it your own so I say GO FOR IT!

I wear a Cotton On T-shirt, Guess jeans, Wittner leather sandals, Lovisa Rings, anaii Pink watch





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